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With your Archetype.001 series ‘White Flag’ sunglasses, you’re protecting the island of Baavanadhoo in the Maldives. An uninhabited stretch of brilliant green jungle and white sand, this small speck of land covers 5.6 hectares and rises just a few feet above the ocean.



Baavanadhoo is part of the Gaafu Alifu Atoll – a sparkling ring of unspoiled islands in the south of the Maldives. Carried on the waves, plastic pollution from the open ocean washes up on the atoll's white sand beaches. Blown by the wind, this toxic debris accumulates along the treeline and inland – threatening these fragile island ecosystems and the people who depend on them. 


Your support directly funds the protection of this unique place in two ways. Working with Parley and our partners in the Maldives, you are making it possible to intercept plastic waste on Baavanadhoo and upcycle it. You're also supporting education and infrastructure projects to reduce plastic at source – an essential part of our mission in the atoll and beyond.

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Your sunglasses are just the beginning of the Clean Waves journey. Over the next year, we’ll take to you to Baavanadhoo through films, updates and live link-ups, and introduce you to the people working to protect these beautiful islands from plastic pollution.

You'll also gain access to a network of like-minded people from around the world, and be there every step of the way as Clean Waves grows. We have some exciting collaborations in the works, and can't wait to tell you more. It's great to have you onboard.

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A string of coral atolls dotted across more than 35,000 square miles of open ocean, the Maldives is one of most unique places on Earth. More than a thousand individual islands stretch north to south across a vast area of the Indian Ocean, forming a double row of 26 atolls.

Above the waves, sparkling white beaches give way to tiny green jungles. Below the surface, thousands of species of fish, coral and other marine life swim in the sunlit shallows. Each island is like a miniature world, and each one needs protecting.

The Maldives accumulate drifting plastic pollution from the Indian subcontient, Africa, Asia and the wider world – and also from the small nation’s booming tourist industry. More than 1.3 million people visited last year – more than triple of the country’s population.

Intercepting marine plastic and reducing waste at source will be key steps in protecting this fragile ecosystem. The Maldives are remote, but there is no ‘away’. 

Baavanadhoo factsheet

Distance from Malé: 407 km
Atoll: Gaafu Alifu
Island use as: Uninhabited island
Neighboring islands:
Galamedhuvaa, Kondeyviligili
Area: 5.6 ha
Length x width: 560 x 100 m
Population: 0